Years ago, my wife Melissa, returned home frustrated after having to sit unproductively outside an East Texas Court Room waiting to give her expert testimony. "We need to invent a portable desk where people could work anywhere they can find a chair", she said. My immediate response, "Right. I'll get to it". This was one of those spousal moments where if you dismiss it, one day it would come back to haunt you.

My instinct was right and after research, I discovered no mobile portable desk existed. What began as a need, transcended into an idea, developed claims, a patent, and was ultimately transformed into the the first product of its kind.

Traveldesk 21 was born in our home kitchen. Many new products have begun in the kitchen, but most of those were edible. Ours is not. The difficulties for an inventor to create and bring a new product to market can be overwhelming. What started out as a simple idea, would later engulf our entire life. As were to learn, there are no simple ideas, no simple solutions, and no shortcuts!

We began by meeting with a Patent Attorney named Mr. Cantrell. He liked our idea and we gave him a check for $2,000.00 to file a provisional patent. One year later, I received a call from Mr. Cantrell, notifying provisional patent would expire in 7 days. He asked to see my prototype. Well, I didn't have one, but like all ambitious inventors, I told him, "I'll have one in your office on Monday". I had no idea where to begin. With Jesus' help and much prayer, a picture began to evolve.

On Friday, we sent our children to my parents' home for the weekend. I was off to Home Depot & Lowe's to purchase materials. I explained to store personnel, "I need a part that moves like this or goes up and down like that", demonstrating with my hands and arms. Hours later, I returned home loaded with PVC pipe, metal rods, wheels, an electric saw, nuts & bolts and a hot glue gun. What makes this story so amazing is that I'm not mechanically inclined. I had to call my mother to help put our kids' swing set together! To those that know me, the picture of me building a prototype would have been worth the price of admission. I'll admit, if I wasn't so emotionally involved, I'd bought a ticket. I kept asking myself, "What are you doing?"

Inventors don't look back. The don't even look left or right. Inventors just attack the task at hand. I was no different. While I had no idea what lay ahead, I plunged into building this prototype of my wife's great idea. After working almost 24 hours straight, it was finished. Our kitchen was covered with dust & PVC shavings. What a mess, but now I had the beginnings of our new product.

On Monday we headed off to meet with Mr. Cantrell. I immediately became paranoid someone might see this new invention an copy it, so I covered the entire prototype with a black plastic trash bag. I didn't want anyone stealing our idea from the office parking lot! I strapped the covered prototype on to an aluminum 2 wheeler and off we went to the 47th floor. Mr. Cantrell seemed quite impressed, as I lifted the covered prototyped, still strapped to the 2 wheeler, onto the conference table. Mr. Cantrell remarked, "This is really something". I responded, "The 2 wheeler is not the invention", as I proceeded to remove the plastic covering.

It was quite a scene as I demonstrated the desktop going up and down the handle, while parts began falling off, clattering to the floor. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective. Mr. Cantrell had seen enough and filed our patent claims the next day.

Almost 3 years passed since that day in Mr. Cantrell's office and all we had received were attorney bills and patent fees. On Christmas Eve, Melissa was putting up the mail and called out, "You received something from Jenkens & Gilchrist". I told her, " It's probably another bill. Just put it on the kitchen counter". She opened it, screamed out in shock, "The patent has been issued, look the patent had been issued!!!". To my surprise, there it was, our idea was patented. I said to myself, "Now what?"

The rest of the story is much too long to tell. From where we started through today, this journey continues to be the adventure of a lifetime. The end result is Traveldesk 21.

Traveldesk 21 was born from a problem that needed to be solved. We're excited this new innovation can now be incorporated into today's mobile society and help make business travel more productive for the on-the-go professional. Our hope is you will like Traveldesk 21 and recommend it to your friends and business associates.

All the Best,

Kenny and Melissa Johnson
Inventors - Traveldesk 21